Evergreen Steel Fabrication LLC, established in 2006, has emerged as the market leader in steel fabrication in the UAE. We offer steel-related products as well as customized steel fabrication, pipe line spool preparation, and welding services. We are ideally located in Sharjah, UAE and offer high quality, custom-based MS & SS Fabrication, Turnkey projects, MS/SS equipment, precision machining, manufacturing parts and accessories, pipe line spool preparation, and welding for the oil & gas, power, petrochemical, and general manufacturing industries. We have a total renovated area of 35,000 sq. ft and a team of 130 people, including skilled engineers, designers, supervisors, welders, and fabricators. We undertake fabrication of heavy to medium construction works as well as tanks. We also build TES tanks, silos, chilled water storage tanks, stainless steel, handrails, electrical towers, manifolds, skids, transformer cable boxes, and other steel structures. We guarantee our clients rapid action, high-quality products and services, and competitive pricing to meet their needs. We will be delighted to be connected with you in a positive and long-term relationship